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Civitanavi Systems

Civitanavi Systems is a leading player in design and manufacture high-tech solutions of Navigation, Control and Stabilization Systems for many applications, in Aerospace, Defense and Industrial sectors. The use of proprietary methods and technologies based on FOG and MEMS technology, enables the Company to best meet the specific needs of its Customers. Founded as start-up in 2012 in Italy and recognised as innovative SME in 2017 Civitanavi today is a benchmark in the global competitive scenario.


GeoNumerics is a small team with a long experience devoted to geomatics and navigation. Its mission is to develop state-of-the-art geomatic and navigation technology. GN provides consultancy services from mathematical modelling to bespoke SW development; markets SW components and conducts research-and-development (R&D) projects. GN is an intensive R&D company that has participated in various EU and ESA R&D programmes. In GAUSSIAN, GN is in charge of sensor fusion and navigation integrity.


SAPHYRION is a high-tech Swiss company traditional partner of ESA in the domain of rad-hard ICs for space borne GNSS receivers and other specialized applications. With its highly skilled design team, SAPHYRION is making an increasing contribution to the achievement of EU non-dependance on US-made components for space payloads. The company also develops instruments for GNSS design laboratories and solutions for emergency beacons, railway security and jamming/spoofing detection.


FlyNow approaches with its eCopter for passenger or cargo transport a safe and affordable way of Urban Air Mobility.. It is our goal to be an enabler in automized 3D mobility for all. Our eCopter combines the conventional concept of a coaxial helicopter, redefined by improved aerodynamics and cutting edge autopilot technology. Our vision is to create a sustainable and economical aircraft, allowing to protect the environment and helping people flying safely to their destiny.


CIRA is a non-profit public-private partnership among CNR (National Council for Research), Campania Region, andItalian Aerospace Industries. Since 1986 CIRA ensures Italian Program for Aerospace Research (PRORA) management under the control of Ministry of Research (supported by the Ministries of Economy and Defense and Ministry of Business and Made in Italy). CIRA manages the aerospace testing facilities such as the Icing Wind Tunnel, the Plasma Wind Tunnel and the flying platform, the FLARE. FLARE operational since 2003, is CIRA platform used to validate in flight the technologies for UAV piloted A/Cs. The whole flight system, with a Permit to Fly released by the Italian Airworthiness Authority “ENAC”, is composed by: FLARE as a flight platform, a Ground Control Station (GCS) and a Line of Site (LOS) Datalink. No-segregated area for flight experimentation has been assigned by ENAC, the Italian CAA.

In GAussian, CIRA shall organize and manage the flight trials that will be be carried out with the FLARE facility. The goal is to validate the ONEBOX equipment before the integration on board of eVTOL aircraft by FN.

Partner, Spain
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) is a public institution of research and higher education in the fields of engineering, architecture, sciences and technology, and one of the leading technical universities in Europe. Every year, more than 6,000 bachelor and master students and more than 231 doctoral students graduate. UPC participates with the research group of Astronomy and Geomatics (gAGE), belonging to the Departments of Mathematics and Physics.

Partner, Italy

We are a "consultancy boutique". Alpha Consult S.r.l. bring expertise in: Dynamics of institutional communication and dissemination activities, in the frame of dissemination, communication and lobbying activities to the EC. Overall business strategy aspects in various domains, in particular providing expertise in market analyses, competitive environment assessments, business plans, costs benefits analyses as well as financing strategies.